Sound Design Toolkit (SDT)

ecologically-founded sound synthesis for Max and Pd

The Sound Design Toolkit (SDT) is an open-source (GPLv2) software package suitable for research and education in Sonic Interaction Design (SID), as well as in musical contexts.
The SDT consists of a library of ecologically-founded (e.g. physics-based) sound synthesis algorithms, available as externals and patches for Max and Pure Data. A front-end GUI gives access to on-the-fly polyphonic allocation of sound models, advanced control mapping (e.g. for easy control with external devices), preset management, audio mixing, etc.
The SDT provides a designerly environment, computationally affordable for real-time applications on ordinary hardware, to facilitate the coupling of sound models with physical objects.
The SDT algorithms have been implemented according to three main points:
1) auditory perceptual relevance; 2) cartoonification, i.e. a simplification and exaggeration of the underlying physics in order to increase both computational efficiency and perceptual clarity; 3) parametric temporal control, which ensures appropriate, natural and expressive articulations of sonic processes.

Follow the SDT:

Example applications

Paper vessel

The GameLunch

Feet into Place

Augmented moka
More video examples


Tutorial #1:
General introduction
Tutorial #2:
Managing polyphonic, compound sound events
More video tutorials


SDT_Max v1.2-062 for Max6 (2013-02-19)
    including externals for Windows and MacOS (Intel)

SDT_Pd v0.9-062 for Pd-extended (2013-02-19)
    including externals for Windows, MacOS (Intel) and Linux
    Notice: SDT_Pd is currently not compatible with Pd-extended 0.43.x. Please use Pd-extended 0.42.5 instead.

SDT_Max v1.0-062 for Max5 (2013-02-19) no longer supported
    including externals for Windows and MacOS (Intel)

SDT_Max v0.6.0 for Max4 (2011-01-24) no longer supported
    including externals for Windows and MacOS (Intel and PPC)

User guides
SDT_Max handbook for Max6 (2013-02-19)

SDT_Pd handbook ...coming soon!

SDT_Max handbook for Max5 (2010-12-30)

SDT source code (2013-02-19), requires flext.


Acknowledgement and Authors

The SDT has been developed with the contribution of the following EU-projects:
2001-2003 'SOb'
2006-2009 'CLOSED'
2008-2011 'NIW'

The SDT has been coded and/or designed through the years by the following people (in alphabetical order):
Federico Avanzini, Nicola Bernardini, Gianpaolo Borin, Carlo Drioli, Stefano Delle Monache, Delphine Devallez, Federico Fontana, Laura Ottaviani, Stefano Papetti, Pietro Polotti, Matthias Rath, Davide Rocchesso, Stefania Serafin.

stefano [dot] papetti [at] zhdk [dot] ch
stefano [dot] dellemonache [at] gmail [dot] com

Copyright (C) 2001-2013 stays with the authors.